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Ft. Kearney Circus a Success

The Ft. Kearney Shrine Circus was held in March this year, rather than in late May, and it turned out to be a great day with lots of fun. The Circus was held at the Buffalo Co. Fairgrounds which was also a change.

Thanks to Circus Chairman, Tom Stewart, Finance Chair Tim Lowe, and most of all to the new Ticket Sales Chairman, Terry Keiss, who did a great job organizing the ticket sales.

Larry Jess with the red nose, and Dan Melton selling tickets. Not sure who was in the Shriner outfit, but Adam Grazier has done it in the past.

Ticket sellers at the front gate. Jeff Messbarger is the clown.

Jeff Haverkamp is the clown on the left, and Greg Seiler is on the right.

The indispensable crew inside taking tickets as people came in the door. Terry Keiss is in the background at the table selling tickets.

Circus Chairman, Tom Stewart, along with Past Potentate Ron Neilsen and Past Potentate Lynn Naber.

Jeff Messbarger in the front, with Greg Seiler in front of the big Shriner.

Thanks to Casey Nuss for the pictures.