Tehama Shrine

411 N Hastings Ave, Hastings, NE 68901, USA

2018 Tehama Officer Installation

The Installation of Tehama Officers occurred on Sunday, January 7th. The pictures and names are shown on the Divan page of the website. Please refer to that.

Potentate Casey Nuss and Lady Millissa.

Chief Rabban Owen Nelson and Lady Kim

Asst Rabban Ryan Waind and Lady Becky

Ryan and Family.

High Priest & Prophet Zachary Thompson and Lady Marcy

Oriental Guide Tom Stewart and Lady Denise

1st Ceremonial Master Jeff Messbarger and Lady Jan.

2nd Ceremonial Master Jeffrey A. Herber Lady Marcelle

Recorder Phil Odom and Lady Dana

Chaplain Timothy Hudson

Director General Travis L. King Lady Cassy.

Marshall Jason Gale and Lady Cynamon.

Treasurer William (Doc) Carson and Lady Maryann.

Chief Potentates Aide Mike Small.

Chief Rabban Owen and Lady Kim Nelson, High Priest and Prophet Zach Thompson, and Oriental Guide Tom Stewart.

Back row: Lady Cassie Norton playing with her phone and Chief Rabban from Tangier, Michael Gardner.

The whole kittin' kaboodle.

Thanks to Casey Nuss and Cliff Moore for the pictures.