Tehama Shrine

411 N Hastings Ave, Hastings, NE 68901, USA

Shrine Bowl draws a great crowd

The 60th Nebraska Shrine Bowl ended on a high note. The crowds at the Friday night Banquet, the Masonic Band concert in the park, the crowds at the parade, and the game at UNK campus were all above expectations.

Tangier Classic Cars going down Central Avenue in Kearney.

Cindy, Rochelle, and Randy Rademacher manning the East Gate ticket Sales.

Alex Dickson and Don Day manning the North Gate.

Ticket sellers at the West Gate: Sherry Woods, Tom Hilsabeck, Greg Seiler, and Ross Woods. They were busy!

Shrine Bowl Secretary Ronell Nemecek at the West Gate. She was indispensable!

Steve Nelson talking to the Shrine Bowl clothing salespeople.

Imperial Outer Guard Kevin Costello at the 2018 Nebraska Shrine Bowl.

Jerry Bigbee, Howard Tescher, and Lyle Lovett--Loup Valley Shriners helping at the East Gate.

Ft. Kearney Shriners Alex Dickson, Gordon Muller, Bruce Beitler, Don Day, Lynn Naber, and driver Bill Page.

Beyond the Field interaction between football players and Shrine Patients at Wesleyan University Field.

Beyond the Field interaction.

North Squad.

South Squad.

Phil Feese driving the Clown Bus.

The Razz Tazz doin' their thing.

The Central Nebraska Dune Buggy unit.

The Tri-County unit.

Zach Thompson in the Wheel Chair.

One of the North Platte units.

The North Platte Shrine Club Puddle Jumpers.

Lyle Lovett and Howard Tescher--Loup Valley Shriners.

Lyle Lovett and Ken Bills--Loup Valley Shriners.

Tim Hudson on the left and Potentate Casey Nuss on the right carrying the 100th Anniversary Flag in the Parade.

Thanks to Gary Martin for the pictures. Some pictures came from the Sesostris photographer.