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Ft. Kearney Shrine Club October Meeting

Ft. Kearney Shrine Club

October 16th, 2018 Ft. Kearney Shrine Club was brought to order at 5:30PM by President Jeff Haverkamp. We had 12 Nobles present.

The group was rowdy and excited as usual. The gun raffle is October 18th. Help is needed. Tim has extra room in the van to carpool over to the event in Hastings. Shrine Bowl calendars are again available to purchase. See Larry Jess.

We voted and the motion passed to update our signature cards on our bank accounts. Errol Coslor, Tim Lowe and John Hoggatt are to be added to the list and all other names are to be removed.

Tim Lowe brought supper. It was fantastic!!

Our last parade of 2018 is Kearneys Veterans Day parade Saturday, November 10th. Unfortunately, this date falls on opening day of deer season again this year. We will still try to attend, however our numbers may be low.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Tim Lowe provided the meal for the meeting. An excellent meal of bratwurst, beans, potato salad and HOT pie--both cherry and berry.

Bruce Beitler, Larry Jess, Gary Martin and Dale Whitefoot.