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Shriners Help Burned Victims in Guatemala

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Volcano burns victims from Guatemala arrive in US for treatment. Six children who were badly burned by the volcanic eruption in Guatemala have arrived in Galveston for treatment at Shriners Hospital.

At Galveston airport, Galveston Shriners Hospital medical staff and Shriners have been waiting for 6 badly burned children from Guatemala to arrive. Theyll be loaded into ambulances soon and Doctors will assess their burns and there should be an update from medical staff soon.

Shriners Hospital medical staff, Shriners, and military personnel waited since midnight for the children, who arrived around 4:45 a.m. at Scholes airport in Galveston.

They are now at the hospital's pediatric burn center.

Within 24 hours of the first eruption over the weekend, Shriners says an emergency medical team from its Galveston hospital was sent to provide care in Guatemala, where they've been working for days.

Shriners says that the children are in critical condition, but hasn't shared the extent of their injuries due to medical confidentiality. However, you can help them by donating online. Go to the shriners.com web site.

We also don't know the children's exact ages, but some of them could be very young.

"We have some of the world's leading doctors. They go all over the world. Not just here. All over the world. Teaching other doctors how to treat burn patients. We're very proud of them," said Raymond Rubio with the Galveston Shriners.

"It's very important that we support these children. They suffer severe burns. Back in the early days when we were doing this, a severely burned child had about a 35 percent chance of survival. Now, it's up to nearly 90 percent. They perform miracles everyday at our hospital here," Rubio added.

Article courtesy of CBS News.