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Panhandle Shrine Club January Meeting Minutes

Panhandle Shrine Club

Minutes of the Meeting

January 17, 2018

The Panhandle Shrine Club met for a business meeting at Panhandle Shrine Club building in Gering on January 17, 2018. The Eastern Star provided a fried chicken dinner prior to the meeting. There were 23 Nobles and their ladies present.

President Morava welcomed those in attendance and called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Before proceeding with the business at hand, he recognized the Eastern Star for the great dinner with a round of applause. He also welcomed Tehama Potentate Casey Nuss to the meeting.

Secretary/Treasurer Kent McLellan read the minutes for the November, 2017 meeting. There were two corrections made to the minutes. First, the date of the slate of officers presented was changed from
2017 to 2018. Second, the 1st vice president in the slate of officers was changed from Kevin Spencer to Dave Thomas. Motion to approve the minutes as corrected by Potentate Nuss, second by Noble Trey Lacy. All in favor, motion carried.

Secretary/Treasurer Kent McLellan provided a financial report covering the transactions for each account. There were no questions from the membership regarding the report. President Morava approved the report as presented.

Committee Reports

2017 Committees - President Morava thanked and recognized the members of the 2017 committees. He also highlighted various accomplishments of several committees.

Hospital Report Noble Brad Childs updated the club on three local children that are currently using our services. Two of them recently went to Minnesota for treatment and the other is accessing local doctors for treatment. President Morava presented Noble Childs a certificate in recognition of his many efforts that benefit the club.

President Morava also shared a certificate for Past Potentate Wayne Vian. The certificate recognized the efforts made by Past Potentate Vian during the past year. Current Potentate Nuss agreed to deliver the certificate to him.

Potentate Nuss discussed several items regarding Tehama. The Shrine Bowl fundraising calendars, the gun raffle, Shrine Day at the Races, concerns regarding the future of the circus, and potential new fundraisers were discussed. The Divan will be attending the February meeting and will address the club.

Old Business


New Business

Noble Brad Childs discussed an upcoming Denver Bronco fundraiser. The event would take place Thursday night April 26. Several ideas were discussed on how the event would be run. It was the general
consensus of those present that the event would be worthy of pursuing. Noble Childs stated he would get the board together and hammer out the details of the event.

President Morava turned the meeting over to Noble Ralph Hilyard for the installation of the 2018 officers.

The approved slate of officers was asked to come up front in order to take the oath of
office. Noble Ralph Hilyard administered the oath for each office and then described the duties of each office and appointed each officer to their respective positions.

President: Noble John Ewing

Vice President: Noble David Thomas

2nd Vice President: Noble Kent Greenwalt (Trey Lacey proxy)

Secretary/Treasurer: Noble Kent McLellan

Tiler: Noble John Ewing

Inner Guard: Noble Chuck Cowan

President Ewing presided over the remainder of the meeting. President Ewing thanked the group and presented Past President Morava with a Past President Fez from the club.

There being no further business to come before the members, President Ewing requested a motion for adjournment. Motion to adjourn by Past President Ed Morava, second Noble Trey Lacey, all ayes, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kenton J. McLellan,


Thanks to Kenton McLellan for the article.